AssignmentsGlobal Strategy is a multi-disciplinary business development firm which provides customized Open Innovation, Market Development, Partner Search, and Market Research/Business Intelligence consulting services to companies, research centers and government agencies.

The following are examples of client assignments:

Open Innovation Search

Client: The Company is a leading Japanese clinical diagnostics company with an established domestic market position, which seeks to diversify its product range and geographical scope.

Global Strategy assignment:

  • Establish strategic alliances to introduce novel molecular diagnostics tests and clinical diagnostic products in Japan.
  • Execute license and joint venture arrangements in bioinformatics and pharmacogenomics.
  • Conduct business intelligence in emerging countries.
  • Enter new markets through joint venture, license, and out-sourcing.

Results: The client successfully established several license, distribution and R&D agreements with U.S. and European companies to introduce new diagnostic products in the Japanese market and entered new markets in Asia through collaborations with leading companies.

Market Development and Partner Search

Client: The Company is a leading U.S. specialty food company with a globally patented technology and product. It seeks to enter international market through sales, licensing and joint venture collaborations.

Global Strategy assignment:

  1. Research, rank and formulate international go-to-market and partnering strategies based on the unique requirements of specific countries and regions, taking into account a multitude of factors, including consumer demographics, competition, regulations, barriers to trade, market size and growth, and more.
  2. Implement these targeted strategies by researching, profiling, ranking and screening potential partner candidates with the greatest degree of market, product and technology synergy with the client.

Results: The client successfully established its first international license agreement with a partner in Asia. Based on this success, the assignment was expanded to encompass all world regions – Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and Middle East/Africa. Partnering discussions are currently in process with leading companies in over 20 countries; and discussions with potential partners in other countries are ongoing.

Business Intelligence

Client: The Company is an emerging U.S. company developing nanoparticles as integrated systems to commercialize its technology in diagnostics, life science, home security, and the brand and document security markets.

Global Strategy assignment:

  1. Perform primary market research and comprehensive market analysis of the technology. Formulate go-to-market strategies and generate a business plan to implement them in the diagnostics and life science segments.
  2. Perform primary market research and technology assessment in a particular life science market niche and quantify the commercial application of the technology. In addition, we reported on the competitive landscape, IP and regulatory factors, and profiled and ranked potential partner opportunities.

Results: Our reports provided actionable information and deep insight into market dynamics, competitive landscape and collaborating opportunities available to the client. This information was instrumental in quantifying the value of the technology and company during the negotiation process of a transaction to acquire the company.