Business Intelligence

Generating Actionable Business Opportunities and Intelligence

business intelligence
Global Strategy identifies, analyzes and generates actionable information on commercial opportunities and business intelligence, including products, technologies, companies and markets, competitive landscapes, regulatory requirements, R&D pipelines, and more.

Market research, competitive intelligence, and business information are generated through primary and secondary research, then verified and analyzed by our senior staff members. Our expertise is in accurately obtaining and verifying key information in developed and emerging markets that is under the radar (difficult to detect by conventional means).

We provide clients with the knowledge and opportunity to act on strategic information prior to its widespread dissemination and to execute alliances with a first mover advantage through:

  • Global Strategy proprietary information networks and databases
  • Industry contacts of our Global Consulting Network members located in over 65 developed and emerging markets;
  • Custom-developed personal relationships with key executives at corporations, emerging companies, universities, and technology clusters;
  • Unique access to financial organizations including VC and equity investment groups and funding sources for emerging technologies.

All aspects of each assignment are completely customized based on the requirements of the client. Global Strategy generates analytical reports containing value-added, actionable business intelligence – reporting on information of strategic importance. Examples of such information include the following:

  • Markets, Segments
  • Applications and Products
  • Growth and Trends
  • Benchmarking and SWOT Analysis
  • Competitors and Company Profiles
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Product Life Cycles
  • Sales and Marketing Networks
  • Supply Chain / Distribution
  • Trade Regulations