Market Development

Targeted Market Development Solutions

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Global Strategy delivers targeted Market Development solutions tailored to your specific objectives. Our consultants utilize proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts, and proven methodologies to identify, analyze, rank and develop customized market entry and building strategies in developed and emerging markets.

Our expertise in market development, planning and strategy has been developed over more than 20 years. We research the most suitable markets for entry, design a clear strategy and road map, build and implement tactics to achieve success, and deliver sustainable results for manufacturing companies, service organizations, centers of innovation, and government organizations.
Global Strategy consultants generate customized market development strategies for clients following in-depth analysis of all key variables associated with successful market entry and market building strategies, including:
  • Market Size and Segments
  • Target Customers
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Mode of Entry
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Distribution and Marketing
We formulate and implement the best possible strategies for market entry or market building scenarios through which to enter or enhance their presence in international markets. Through targeted partner searches, Global Strategy provides comprehensive recruitment of strategic partners to maximize a client’s market coverage and revenue. A typical partner search program consists of the following:

Partnership Development Phase I

  • research and analyze the most advantageous markets
  • research and analyze the most advantageous partners

Partnership Development Phase II

  • contact, screen and rank partners
  • submit qualified candidates to client

Partnership Development Phase III

  • develop short-list of partners
  • formulate customized actions plans
  • structure and implement deal strategies
  • assist with negotiations, due diligence, agreement reviews and finalizing deals

Partnership Development Phase IV

  • post-deal performance monitoring
  • assist with conflict resolution
  • sales management services
Our insight and analysis can be an important component of a successful business model, through the delivery of knowledge and tools to implement effective market development strategies. The bottom line is that a market/partnership development program is significantly faster and less expensive than dedicating the resources necessary to undertake the effort internally.