Delivering Innovative Business Development Solutions

InnovationGlobal Strategy, Inc. delivers analytical and targeted business development solutions customized to the specific requirements of the client assignment. Our consultants utilize proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts, and proven methodologies to identify and analyze established and emerging products, and technologies.

With pinpoint accuracy, our information research skills enable us to proactively identify, evaluate, validate and report actionable information and commercial opportunities, particularly those that are under the radar, or difficult to detect – including early-stage technologies, start-up companies, and new markets in emerging countries.

Whether the challenge is to find new avenues of growth, optimize business relationships, diversify regionally or globally, or deliver innovation, we have a strong record of success in making a real impact on client revenue and profitability. Our tailored services enable clients to execute successful license, joint venture, M&A, marketing, and other agreements to create or enhance their globalization activities.

Open Innovation

Global Strategy helps companies tap into the power of open innovation. We leverage our expertise in the innovation process and incorporate the principles of open innovation to help you create breakthrough new products, services and business models that drive topline growth.
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Market Development

We formulate and implement the best possible strategies for market entry or market building scenarios through which to enter or enhance their presence in international markets. Through targeted partner searches, Global Strategy provides comprehensive recruitment of strategic partners to maximize a client’s market coverage and revenue.
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Business Intelligence and Market Research

Global Strategy identifies, analyzes and generates actionable information on commercial opportunities and business intelligence, including products, technologies, companies and markets, competitive landscapes, regulatory requirements, R&D pipelines, and more.
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Economic Development

Global Strategy provides economic development consulting services to leading organizations worldwide. We help economic development organizations at the state, regional, and local level with an array of services that leverage our expertise in international trade, business development and economic development.
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Trade Promotion

Global Strategy offers a combination of expertise in business consulting, international trade promotion, market research and regional economic development, delivering a key advantage to your organization by providing a wide range of professional support for the development and growth of international trade.
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Trade Event Support

Global Strategy helps maximize trade event return on investment through our targeted lead generation and sales optimization services. We offer pre-event, event and post-event trade support business development solutions I which we identify, qualify and confirm interest with companies that match your sales and partner criteria – optimizing your deal flow prospects.
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