Trade Event Support

Maximizing Your Trade Event Investment

Organizations make significant investments in time, resources and personnel when attending or exhibiting at trade events, particularly in international markets. Exhibit space, promotions, and advertising are the typical vehicles used to generate interest. However, when productivity and sales are measured, results may be less than optimal.

Let Global Strategy help you maximize trade event return on investment through our targeted lead generation and sales optimization services.
Benefits: Greater number of productive meetings with pre-qualified prospects; enhanced opportunity for deals and revenue generation; customized and results-focused; and flexible cost structure.

Proactive Trade Event Expertise

Our professional consultants provide support services before, during and after the trade event. Whether you are seeking new customers, distributors, international partnerships, export sales, or expanding or building a market presence, Global Strategy offers the expertise you need to connect with lucrative opportunities and increase your bottom line. Utilizing our expertise in open innovation, partnering and market development, we identify, qualify and confirm interest with all prospects that match your criteria – maximizing your deal flow potential.

Pre-event Services

  • Formulate customized strategy for your products, technologies, services, markets, & needs
  • Research, evaluate and approach potential prospects in the target market(s)
  • Qualify prospects, exchange information, and confirm meetings during the event

Event Services

  • Brief client staff and provide detailed information on screened prospects
  • Attend meetings and assist with discussions and information exchange
  • Ensure an action plan and time frame is agreed-upon by participants

Post-event Services

  • Generate meeting reports containing analyses and rankings of business opportunities
  • Formulate and implement action plan for each organization
  • Facilitate negotiations, agreement reviews and executing deals