Phase 1
Research, identify, evaluate and rank target markets and organizations

1. Primary evaluation, screening and ranking of all potential partner organizations by product category and market territory

2. Formulate customized strategies for each market based on the type of assignment and client needs

Phase 2
Contact, screen and submit qualified business opportunities to client

1. Approach, evaluate and qualify organizations identified

as potential partners

2. Promote and develop interest on behalf of the client in the product/service

3. Secondary evaluation, screening and ranking of companies with confirmed interest that meet the criteria established by client and Global Strategy

4. Submit qualified business opportunities to client

Phase 3
Review, evaluate, rank and formulate strategy with client for short-listed organizations

1. Develop a short list of high priority opportunities
2. Formulate a customized action plan for partnering, open innovation and/or market development
3. Facilitate discussions between client and short-listed potential partner organizations
4. Assist with negotiations, due diligence, agreement reviews and closing the deals
5. Business collaboration executed

Phase 4
Post-deal support

1. Assistance with conflict resolution and contract negotiations
2. Provide sales performance monitoring and sales management services